Our Culture

Cumbria Ridge is a company that is founded on grit and uses its heart as motivation and inspiration to help companies make their vision become a reality and create innovations/platforms that will bridge communities closer than you can imagine.

Cumbria Ridge leverages its strength in combining the years of experience, and expertise with mixture of young, creative and bright-minded individuals who take challenges as an opportunity to rise. We run on the principles of professionalism whilst building personal relationships in our various office locations well as with our partners and clients. Teamwork, cooperation, focus and family are just some of the reasons why you should become part of this dynamic and energetic team. If you are attracted to solving challenges, and becoming a part of a group that enjoys going the extra mile, Cumbria Ridge may be your next fun company to be in. Together we can grow and achieve more possibilities beyond our reach.

Career Opportunities

Junior Software Engineer

  • The Junior Software Engineer assists in the development, implementation and management of technology-based business solutions to improve our delivery approach.
  • He/she will be coding, testing and implementing configuration changes and assisting in the design of software applications to meet both function...